Calendar types

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During the whole year it is standing in front of you, making you happy with its original ideas of smartly worked out visual imagery and easily readable calendar grid, it is in your bag or pocket, always ready to help with your planning, it is on the wall being some kind of ornament, a symbol of corporate style and image-making as well as just functional thing – all at the same time. It is an ideal souvenir, not too striking your eye but easily recognizable, it’s your calendar. Depending on specific design features and type of usage you could distinguish between a few types of calendars: branded, advertising, informative, business-style, not standard (outstanding with their non-typical solution of high quality aesthetic attractiveness), by the way, it’s always possible to find a way of successful combining different types of calendars.
Wall calendar
Wall flip calendar consists of several pages (depending on the customer needs they could be 6 – two sides in full color, or 12 – just one side in full color, as well as full-colored cover and a backing card, spring and a hanger).
Quarter calendar
It is possible that the most popular branded calendar is a quarter one, which lets you see three calendar grips at once – for this month, the previous and the following ones, and all this on an eye-catching advertising background. It may have only one common spring or three separate for each block. This calendar may also be completed with a piccolo-ring and a moving cursor marking today.
Desk tent calendar
It is a kind of desk calendar consisting of a backing card, which is attached by a spring to the pages with calendar grid, visual imagery of the common aesthetic theme and designer solution. Such calendars may materialize the most various ideas (and the idea is the main thing!), they can be theme, educational, informative, entertaining, smartly business-like, gaily decorated, they could serve both a source of background information and a decoration, corporate style symbol. By the way, we always try to find a new solution for problems seeming traditional and we are very conscientious with the information chosen for printing.
We could say that a pyramid calendar is our strong point. It has a special kind of backing card stamping which lets us make this three-square cone especially steady. This designer solution being absolutely non-trivial makes this calendar a special advertising trick, adding it some special attractiveness.
Pocket calendar
You could say that a pocket calendar is the least expensive kind of advertising calendar. Its small size and as a rule big circulation mark its functions very clearly – it should be convenient and rational, staying the same individual corporate style as a visiting card, for instance.
Design and print of desk-tent calendars
Desk-tent calendars are the most beautiful calendar kind. They provide you with a large space for designing solutions – thus, the amount of information and its possible layouts is a lot bigger than the other calendar have. The page of a tent calendar has a grid for one or several months and the pictures showing the firm activity. As a rule, big firms present their dealers with that type of calendars, in this case pages show different products released. The size of tents could be quite different but there are some especially popular variants which depend on the printing way. The simplest calendar without any pages is printed on paper of A series, size 4, is scored in three places and is stapled or clipped. A tent with pages, attached with a string to the backing card, is a little more complicated. In this case, if the circulation is small and if there is a picture on the backing card, the card shouldn’t be bigger than A series paper, size 3. The number of pages could vary; usually visible is the part of backing card with a firm contacts and logo. the cursor may be small as in case of quarter calendars.
Pocket calendar design and printing
еhe simplest variant of a calendar is a pocket one – all the clients get them at New Year. There is a picture on one side, depicting the firm activity and products, sometimes the firm logo, and on the other side there is a grid in one or two blocks, the logo and contacts with the shortest information about the firm. A standard pocket calendar is 100 х 70 mm, with rounded corners – to be easily put into a notebook, laminated. We offer digital (quick printing of small circulations) and offset printing. Sometimes they combine a visiting card with a pocket calendar with the calendar placed on the back side. It’s quite a pleasant thing to produce, it has all the chanced of becoming your constant companion for the whole year. The next step forward in the development of integrity concept is a pocket calendar having four pages which could be folded as if it is a visiting card – and one can find the underground scheme on the inner pages.
Quarter calendar design and print
Quarter calendars are not as rich in get-up as the tents are, but one big advantage is the possibility to show three different months, as a rule, the ones, following one another. That’s where the name is from – quarter calendars. It’s also very convenient to make notes on a pretty big space around the date maybe that is why this type of calendars is prevailing in business sphere. A quarter calendar usually has top poster which is the main design element. It’s very important to carefully think over what will be pictured on the top, because you will look at it the whole year. Of course there’s nothing bad about a nice waterfall or blue sky. They are pleasant to watch, but remember that the main function of the thing is to make associations you’re your enterprise.
Wall calendar design and print
It’s a tent but in wall type and as a rule with a big size. If the tent is considered to be a nice souvenir on the desk, the wall calendar is a serious element if the interior (something like a reproduction). It could also have a cover, varied number of pages and a backing card. On each page there could be one or several pictures. You shouldn’t forget that people will look at it for the whole month that’s why picture quality is essential because each picture is carefully examined in a time like that. It’s a very good idea to place still-life paintings and women's portraits. Nature theme of the month is a very worn-out idea. If you want to place your workshops photos, it’s necessary to pay attention to the design, because it could be boring to look at grey-looking industrious buildings on one’s wall. On the other hand, if the design is correct, it’s possible to turn such process as casting into a faery look, and the complete renovation of your office into futurological interior.
Quarter calendars are wound onto a spring and consist of a full-color poster – “heading” - 210 to 297 mm, three backing cards of the same size and three calendar blocks with two colors. Density of paper and back cards is 300 gsm, of calendar blocks - 90 gsm. A poster may be laminated into a plastic sheet of 75 µm. To attach the calendar to the wall a piccolo ring could be used, and to mark a date there is a cursor. 1st variant: 3 backing cards in full-color (may be a logo or text or any other information) – 3 spadeas. 2nd variant: the picture is printed not just on the bottom backing card, but on the poster as well – 1 spadea.
Tent calendars
Tent calendar is a paper of A series, size 4 with full-colored print on the one side. The calendar has 3 bigs to make its composition easier. In the composed form the size of each side is 210 to 100 mm. The calendars are printed on paper of 280-300 gsm using digital print for circulations up to 300 samples and offset print for large bulks.
Desk flip calendars
They are different from the previous ones with a special calendar block wound onto a spring. The block consists of 6 pages of a series, 1/3 of size 4 and one covering page. The lock is made of 200 gsm paper, the print is double-sided and full-colored.
Pocket calendars
The standard size for them is 7х10 cm; they have rounded corners, скругленные уголки, 300 gsm paper, and double-sided full-color print, offset.
Types of branded calendars
Depending on the construction and usage there exist several types of branded advertising calendars:
Wall flip calendar
it consists of 6 pages with double-sided and full-colored print or 12 pages which are full color only on one side + full color cover + cardboard backing. It is wounded onto a spring with the short side, sometimes with the long side + hanger.
Quarter calendar
It is possible that the most popular branded calendar is a quarter one, which lets you see three calendar grips at once – for this month, the previous and the following ones, and all this on an eye-catching advertising background. It may have only one block (has 3 months on the page), then it’s attached with a spring to the heading and advertising backing card, or there may be three separate calendar blocks, and each of them has its own spring attaching the block to the backing card. This calendar may also be completed with a piccolo-ring and a moving cursor marking today.
Poster calendar
Poster calendar is a poster with a grid. A poster calendar usually has different sizes – from A3 to A0. Sometimes non-standard sizes of branded posters look excellent and cost moderately, as, for instance, poster calendar with the size 1/2 А1+ (35х100 cm).
“Hut” calendar
It consists of the base-pyramid and spring-attached flip pages. Usually these calendars are of small size – no more than A5. There may be 6 or 12 pages, and also a cover – top closing page.
“Tent” calendar
It is a construction which has an ornately cut cardboard with full-color print. It has a locker at the bottom and is folded like a tent.
Pocket calendar
It usually has the size of 7х10 cm. It is printed on the cardboard or paper of high density. A pocket calendar is usually laminated on both sides, sometimes covered with UV-lacquer or just leave without any protect coating. To make the calendar complete and convenient to use, the corners are often rounded.
Branded advertising calendars design
Design of such calendars has some peculiarities in each case. Big visual images with the common idea, non-standard design of the grid, the possibility of cutting, blocking, making the calendar top of designer cardboard – all this will help to make a wall flip calendar an effective and image branded advertising item. Most attention is paid to the completeness of the common idea of a calendar. Despite it consisting of several parts we speak only of top and backing card design, as well as blocks combining and necessary fittings. To save some money one takes ready standard calendar blocks which have been printed earlier in one of the big print shops with a large circulation (hundreds and thousands of copies). They could be different in density and paper quality as well as in coloring, which helps to choose an appropriate variant in every particular case. Sometimes for some purpose there may be a need to print unique blocks, the numbers on them being made quite big so that one could distinguish between them from a distance. The spring for calendar winding has standard colors. The most common are white, black or silver, sometimes it could be blue, red, yellow, green or gold. Piccolos are mostly gold or silver but also there are black, green, red, white or yellow rings. Standard cursors are red, sometimes blue and green are also possible. In order to get a calendar making you happy the whole year, you should design it colored but not eye-striking. If the size of a poster is too big it’s very likely you will have to use expensive slides, clip arts or order stage photo session. But you may also deal without any costs for photos – the design could be vector-art or even drawn – the most important thing is the idea! Creating a hut calendar you have a possibility to make a foundation out of designer cardboard, and the logo could be made with blocking or silver-screen print, but the most important thing is a cool idea of a desk flip tent calendar. You could have an excellent effect having taken mill-tinted texturized designer cardboard and using color designer leaf or silk-screen for pressing. It’s better to use coated paper of 170-200 gsm for desk flip calendar block. The block paper could be quite ordinary; the most important thing is to invent a suitable and original idea of your flip calendar and work out interesting visual imaginary and an ergonomical calendar grid convenient to read. In case of a “hut” calendar pay special attention to the density of cardboard so that your work wouldn’t look slimpsy. The minimal cardboard density is about 200-250 gsm, but to make it look better it’s strongly recommended to use cardboard with density 285-300 gsm. The best idea will be to use the same mill-tinted texturized designer cardboard and color designer leaf or silk-screen for pressing. Offset printing over designer cardboard won’t give you such clear and full color as silk screen will, that’s why one sometimes uses “twice print” method (for example, with printing silver over dark-blue background) – but that’s exotic. Despite a pocket calendar being very small there are a lot of ways to make it unique. Working out the design and producing a pocket calendar one could use ornate cutting, pressing with color leaf, square or oval shape, dull laminating, non-standard calendar grid and so on.
Choosing paper for making corporate calendars
Wall flip calendar
Making a wall flip calendar the block is made of paper (or cardboard) with density 170 gsm, and the cover – of cardboard with density 250 gsm or designer cardboard, and the backing card – of cardboard with density 250 gsm (coated just on one side).
Quarter calendar
For a quarter calendar the top and the backing card are made of coated cardboard with density 250 gsm (better 300 gsm), and the calendar blocks – of coated paper 90-150 gsm, of offset paper 80-100 gsm.
Poster calendar
A poster calendar is printed usually, on ordinary coated paper. The recommended paper density is from 150 to 170 gsm for smaller posters. The best effect is guaranteed with covering of poster calendar with glossy or dull UV-lacquer, but that makes your order a little more expensive.
“Tent” calendar
You could make the whole desk flip calendar of cardboard with 250 gsm density or make just its block of coated paper with 150 gsm density, and the backing card – of beautiful, smartly texturized and mill-tinted designer cardboard with 280-350 density gsm.
“Hut” calendar
For making a “hut” calendar one usually takes coated cardboard with 250-300 gsm density.
Pocket calendar
To make a pocket calendar one usually takes coated paper with 300 gsm density or coated cardboard with 250-300 gsm density.
Number of colors in printing branded calendar
Wall flip calendar
As a rule one makes a wall flip calendar full-color (depending on the number of pages it’s printed with chromacity 4+0 or 4+4), but sometimes it’s possible to use one or two other Pantones. Sometimes, if the design is appropriate, flip calendars are printed only with Pantones or double shading.
Quarter calendar
Printing a quarter calendar you could also have variants: for example, the full-color top and an advertising backing card with one or two colors, or the whole full-color calendar. Calendar blocks may be printed in two colors or full-color; there are also gold and silver blocks. Sometimes an exclusive quarter calendar may be printed in 1-3 Pantones, and calendar blocks are printed individually, that’s why they are more expensive.
Poster calendar
While making a poster calendar one usually uses offset printing 4+0.
Desk tent calendar
Its block is usually made full-color 4+4 (редко 4+0), but sometimes it’s also acceptable to use an additional color. The backing card is also full color, or in 1-2 shades. Desk flip calendars made with brand colors of the company and designer cardboard for backing card look very stylish.
“Hut” calendar
Almost always one uses full color print 4+0.
Pocket calendar
A pocket calendar is most often a unitized standard product, which is released in big bulks to make its ultimate price smaller. Making it, one usually uses full-color double sided printing (4+4) or 4+2 (in this case the calendar grid is printed in two colors – as a rule black/red or blue/red).
How to choose optimal circulation and number of pages for a branded calendar
A wall flip calendar with 6 pages is a little cheaper because of paper save ( for instance, wall flip calendars with 6 pages (4+4), 170 gsm density block, 250 gsm cover and backing card with a circulation of 500 items will cost 7,75$ for an item, and a calendar with 12 pages and the same parameters is 10,40$ for an item. The minimal circulation for A2 calendars will be 500 items, and for A3 and A1 – 1000 items.
Quarter calendar
The cost of a quarter calendar depends on the number of springs. If there is one spring in a quarter calendar it’s cheaper, and it will be more expensive with three springs, but that one will have one important advantage – it can be folded compactly. The optimal circulation for quarter calendars starts with 200 items (4-6$ for an item), and the price will be smaller with a circulation of 1000 items (2-3$ for one). All the fittings are considered to be standard, and non-standard cursors, piccolos and color designer wire make the product cost a little more expensive.
Poster calendar
The minimal circulation for A2 poster calendars will be 500 items, and for A3 and A1 sizes – 1000 items.
Tent calendar
Choosing the circulation you should consider the number of clients you want to present calendars but you should also keep in mind that it’s possible to have several samples for one firm. It will be interesting to have a circulation of 300 items considering the price.
“Hut” calendar
It’s a very cheap kind of calendar, that’s why it’s reasonable to make an order with a circulation at least 2000 items.
Pocket calendar
Pocket calendars are printed in bulks of 1000, 5000, 10000 items and so on.
Post-printing work on a calendar
We could use some blocking on any of your calendar according to your wish or the designer’s idea. The heading of the quarter calendar or a pocket calendar may be laminated and made glossy or dull. Some ornate cutting looks great providing there’s appropriate design.