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The print shop “Polygraph Media Group” is developing and can really be considered eco-friendly. 
Our main priority in development is constant appreciation of nature value and the importance of saving its resources, as well as the value of human life and health. 
Our print shop had got the "FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL" certificate by the time we started producing items of varying complexity such as note pads, calendars, booklets and some other goods using FSC recycled paper, this being the guarantee of making certified product with respect to the strictest international requirements to eco-friendly industry. Since then all the print shop processes have been carried out with the most efficient Heidelberg printing machines, that requiring less time for preparing process of production and meaning less waste products and chemicals used, as well as electric energy consumed. 
Today we may offer you such products as eco visiting cards, eco brochures, eco presentations, eco reports, eco note pads and a lot of other things. The eco print shop “Polygraph Media Group” is your supplier of eco printing production!

Green needs, green deeds!
Being green for us is not just printing on recycled paper. We support the “green initiative” and extend it with our clients, relying on the practice of eco-friendly printing industry and with full understanding of how important it is to be responsible for environment. 
The print shop “Polygraph Media Group” regularly comes up with special offers, including the ones without compensation, concerning eco-product promotion, for details go to www.pm-g.ru/fsc.