Kraft bags, paper bags

The Printing house “Polygraph Media Group” is a certified FSC printing company, we offer you kraft bags, paper packets and bags, paper wrapper and other packaging products made of recycled paper. Making an order for kraft bags you will always be sure they are made of kraft paper with respect to all demands and technologies concerning recycling paper waste.

Kraft and paper bags are widely used in supermarkets, shops and fashion boutiques as well as at the presentations. They are suitable not just for carrying different items but also for food packaging (that’s true for tea, bread, vegetables and fruit). They can hold different weights and that depends on the sphere of their use. You may have any symbol or your company logo on the bag. We can produce strong envelopes of any density, size or color. Possible variants: classic brown, bleached white or any other color, paper laminated with polyethylene.

Kraft bags are also called bio or eco bags. One important advantage of these bags is low price which is due to recycled FSC paper without any timber-based materials. Our print shop may print small or large lots of bags. That’s to make sure that not only big enterprises but also small firms might use our service

It’s essential to remember that a simple paper bag was always the best advertising vehicle. Among other issues, a bag with the logo of your company will work for the image of all the enterprise; it will also be convenient for the customer to carry the goods. That’s why you shouldn’t neglect such a small thing as a bag.

Our specialists will be glad to answer all your questions and recommend the best variant concerning price and quality.

There are a lot of ways of bag work. The most common are silk-screening method, stencil printing, flexoprint. It may also be noted that the most effective one is the first because the print layer thickness is about 100 μm, while the other ways guarantee just about 2 μm.