Offset printing


Offset printing is still the most popular kind of printing staying as well classics in printing service. The printing process is exercised in printing departments and with offset presses. The algorithm is quite simple: the original picture is copied onto a special processed plate and then onto the carrier. There are several necessary operations to be made after the start and to the stage of getting final product: creating of mock-up, film flashing with discharge after that, equipment adjustment and getting ready copies. 
It’s also possible to print with metallic paints such as gold, bronze and silver. Offset printing is good because you may print pictures with any variety of colors. The customer should know that the process is quite time-consuming, and it’s necessary to make some preparations before starting copy-printing. But after the preparatory work is over, speed of getting copies may be 15 thousand per hour. On that basis, it can be said that offset-printing is the most profitable way of copy-printing, if you need a big number of them. To make you sure of that, we recommend you to look at the price list for our service. It will encourage you to place an order!