In different marketing campaigns it’s very popular now to use so-called “pancards”.
Making them one uses solid cardboard where a picture is printed. There are a lot of ways of producing them, starting with ordinary one-sided and finishing with more complicated ornately shaped.
Printing service of the print shop “Polygraph Media Group” let produce pancards quickly and for less money which you might find helpful in setting up your own outlet.
In the producing process the most state-of-the art offset printing equipment will be used, which would allow launching the biggest circulations of the given product with minimal prices.
Hard poster is a kind of pancard. The main difference is the support (called “a leg”). As a rule, the leg is made of single-face laminate.
Especially popular are pancards for leaflet distributing as well as the so-called “mobiles”. You could find out the details asking our specialists.
To protect cardboard from environmental effect, pancards are not just lacquer-coated but laminated as well, that’s why it’s important to pay attention to that, too.