Sticker and label

Labels are commercial materials of printing industry. In the modern world they are applied more and more often as means of promotion. They can be seen at any place, from the public transport to lampposts. Even the manufacturers tend to enclose an eye-catching advertising label to their product. It will help the customer to remember any bought item a lot better. Our pint shop specialists recommend our customers should use non-standard kinds of labels. To start with, you could present your own project, and it will be our specialists’ job to analyze the material and give you recommendations about further actions. After all the formalities have been dealt with, we will provide you with quality paper, discounts and of course minimal deadlines of label producing.
It’s also necessary to mention stickers in this article. They are a kind of label without the important information about the company or the product and its accountancy. Our print shop in Moscow is also ready to provide you with quality service of sticker making with respect to your demands and as soon as possible but the most important thing is that our prices are low compared to our competitors.
Sticker and label making is carried out in two ways of printing: offset and digital. Both ways guarantee the best quality but if you have a bulk order, it’s better to use offset print.