Promotional and commercial print.

The print shop «Polygraph Media Group» works in the main shares of print market: promotional and commercial print.

The general direction of the print shop is commercial offset printing. We fulfil single and complex orders for commercial enterprises, such as offset printing of any complication, printing of product catalogues, annual reports, and corporate print. In our operations schedule there always are promotional printing orders and orders for all the types of promotional materials such as leaflets, brochures, desk and wall calendars, outdoor advertising materials, POS materials, dispensers, displays, light boxes, floor racks, production stands, holders, shelf talkers, stoppers, pankartas.

We have a wide range of post-printing service, because some additional work on the product may improve it and make unique.

We are always ready to take an order of any complication and will do it gladly for you, because we can do that! Our specialists have an extensive work experience in the field of exclusive printing.

Individual approach.

To get certain printing product, you should make it certain how you will use it, what it will look like and what content it will have. If it’s commercial booklets about some goods or service, the information there should be very compressed but also very complete and the pictures should be colorful and eye-catching. Visiting cards ought to have minimal and exact information, clean lines. Calendars should also be bright and content the information about the enterprise and its service, but it shouldn’t strike the eye. You could reach such results with the help of competent print shop specialists, who are engaged not just with after treatment of ready mock-ups, but also making them. Such specialists know all trendy tendencies of the year; they will help you to create your own style and the enterprise style.