Nowadays there are few people who could refuse to use wobblers in a full-scale marketing campaign. The print shop “Polygraph Media Group” suggests producing a wide range of various wobblers.
What is a wobbler? As a rule, it’s a bright, ornately shaped price tag with the so-called “leg”. It is stuck with a double-sided cello-tape, applied previously, to something that is near the advertisement of the product and the product itself. You must have heard of a fishing wobbler, well, its purpose is the same – to attract the customer.
As the leg of a wobbler is flexible, it could sway with air movement, thus attracting even more customers’ attention to the advertisement and the product itself.
The leg is more often made of plastic, and a wobbler itself – of cardboard. If the whole thing is cardboard, we strongly recommend laminating the leg so that you could stick it in different places.
We advise you to pay attention to the adhesive part of the wobbler, it’s very important, as the space of splicing with shop-windows and racks is very small and as a rule isn’t over 2-3 square сm, which will help to avoid unsticking.
If you have any questions about making wobblers, please feel free to address our employees, and they will help you to choose the wobbler best for you.