Z-CARD® is an instrument of informative marketing. Informative marketing is a product promoting by providing a customer with useful information connected with the product. 
The main factor in choosing media will be the amount and usefulness of the information you need to place as well as the place it will be saved and used. In most cases the user needs exact useful information placed in media which could be used whenever and wherever one needs and it is better the media could be small enough to put in a pocket or a wallet. Z-CARD® is just what you need.

Z-CARD® is ideal for saving:
- metro maps;
- city maps;
- sport tournaments and events schedule;
- useful advice;
- useful telephone numbers.

With all this, the card with your advertisement will stay with your customer for a long time.

Z-CARD® distributing

a. BTL actions
As compact hand-out material which will stay with the client for a long time because of its compact and useful format.

b. Distributing in magazines.
Z-CARD® is stuck in a magazine, whose readers are your target audience.

c. Direct post.
An ideal way to give the information to each client personally. 
According to the surveys data the addressees spend 38,6% more time for reading letters of our format than for reading other brochures. 
d. Placement on the product.
Convenient format for placing information about the product or distribution of promo-messages. 
For example: Z-format Credit Card is easily placed on candy pack.

e. As an application to plastic cards.
Z-CARD® with a pocket is handed out with a plastic card.

Z-CARD® advantages over other paper media: 
Compact, simple and convenient to use.
Mobile – it’s easy to be carried.
The cover of the card is secure for its contents. 
High level of informational content combined with attractive design. 
The possibility of saving the information for a long time. 
The information is easy to read, logical, accessible on the run.

According to the survey 52% of respondents preferred Z-CARD® to the other paper media of the same content and design.

Storage duration
According to the survey:
• 85% of respondents claimed that they would keep Z-CARD® 
having necessary and useful information;
• 62% wanted to use Z-CARD® for a month and longer, 24% of them would keep it for a year at least;
• 61% of respondents want to have Z-CARD® always – in a pocket, wallet or handbag. That is 1/3 more than those who want to have the same information in a brochure. 
Attitude to information
According to the survey:
• 100% of respondents claimed that they were ready to consider useful information on Z-CARD®.